Bravefriend Packable Reusable Bags

Product Description:

We are so excited about our new Bravefriend Packable Reusable Bags. A bag that folds into another bag? Why not? Perfectly portable, these Nylon Ripstop bags fold into a small pocket sewn inside, making it so easy to stow away when they're not being used! When the bag is being carried, the pouch turns into a functioning pocket for even more storage.This bag is made from RipStop Nylon, which uses a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. They can withstand a lot of weight. The Bravefriend Tie Dye and Logo are sublimated into the fabric so you never have to worry about the artwork coming off. These bags are ready to travel with you anywhere. Thank you so much for helping us save the world one bag at a time.
No More Single Use Plastic Bags!
Machine Washable and Tumble or Air Dry. 
Size: 13" W x 12" H
1-Bag @ $15.00 each
2 Bags @ $13.00 each
4 Bags @ $12.00 each